Recruitment of a new research fellow

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The research fellow must have a profile compatible with the required technical skills (listed below), and the initiative in proposing innovative solutions and research projects will be particularly appreciated.
Knowledge of English is essential for the international context of collaborations. The research fellow will be responsible for organizing the monthly reports to be proposed to the partners and for keeping in contact with RoNeuro and LiquidWeb. During the period spent in the laboratory the publication of at least 2 first name scientific articles and any participation in collaborative articles with the partners is required.
The activity must take place in the Neurosense laboratory and on projects of the joint laboratory shared between the partners.

The following skills are required:
– Statistics
– Signal analysis and processing
– Deep Learning (DL)
– Machine Learning (ML)
– Data mining
– Data visualization

The tasks that will be performed during the hiring period are the following:
– Data analysis
– Drafting of documentation and participation in scientific articles
– Collaboration with company professionals within the joint laboratory
– Creation of models through DL and ML
– Prototype development for results presentation
– Maintain contact with RoNeuro and Liquidweb
– Prepare and communicate the activities carried out to the partners, through monthly reports

The contract will be made to the winner of a competition based on qualifications and interview, which follows the procedures of public competitions and will take place at the DSMCN. The research grant is 23.787,00 euros, of which 19.367,00 euros gross beneficiary, renewable annually.

A period of 2 years must be guaranteed.